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Frank Diasparra, Founder


Our 3 Stage  Cybersecurity  Defense process addresses your cybersecurity vulnerabilities from a PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE state.

1. Identify Vulnerabilities

2. Remediate Vulnerabilities before they become BREACHES 

3. Provide Management, Technical Services & Support throughout the Cyber Defense Lifecycle


The importance of being proactive in cybersecurity defense is well understood—it is more cost effective than taking a reactionary approach and reduces failure rates. but current statistics show that many companies, institutions employ REACTIVE Solutions after they have been breached!


Our approach is PROACTIVE and REMEDIAL by identifying your vulnerability profile utilizing a passive scan similar to the hackers BUT without going into your IT Ecosystem!

We are a licensed reseller of NormShield, a prominent cyber defense tool that provides the most comprehensive Cyber Risk Scorecard. NormShield is at the core of our PROACTIVE Cyber Defense Practice.

The result is we discover where your breach vulnerabilities  exist and assist you in putting a virtual "fence" around your IT ecosystem to protect you from cyber breaches, provide a Compliance check on GDPR, NIST   and much more.

                       for  a comprehensive overview and NormShield scan.